Rarely seen pictures of Shaban Jafari


Shaban Jafari (born 1921 – died 2006) often known as Shaban Bimokh “Shaban the Brainless” was an strongman and practitioner of varzesh-e bastani. A controversial figure in politics, he was instrumental in overthrowing of prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh’s government in 1953 homeland coup d’état. Shaban Jafari, often known as Shaban Bimokh, was one of the famous street thugs in capital. He was also a practitioner of homeland Traditional sport (varzesh-e bastani) and was a frequent at Zoorkhaneh. During the 1953 homeland coup d’état, he was often regarded as a leader of street fights for the Shah and against the popular Mohammad Mossadegh.