This heavy metal guitarist wears a burqa while she rocks

Gisele, who is a fan of the late heavy metal guitarist Randy Rhoads, played in her brother’s heavy metal band Spectrus for several years before parting ways because of ‘professional differences’.Her new band, which she refuses to reveal the name until closer to the album launch next year, plays thrash metal.She said some people are shocked to see a practicing Muslim wearing a niqab playing in a heavy metal band, while others find it ‘interesting’ or ‘cool’.The musician told MailOnline: ‘I do not care about people looking at me because I wear the niqab, but I hope that people understand that Islam is just my religion and music is my profession, and indeed these two things are only my personal characteristics.’Music is my focus and the fact that I’m Muslim has no influence on the music.’Asked whether she believes she is breaking a stereotype, she added: ‘Yes for sure. And I hope that more people also do this.’


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