most expensive kebab in the world

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The head chef of Hazev, Onder Sahan, challenges anyone in the world to make a better kebab and offers over 1,000 pounds ($1,400) as a prize.Sahan dubbed his speciality kebab the “Royal Kebab” and claims to use expensive, high-quality meat, vegetables and olive oil. The dish also uses 25-year-old aged Italian vinegar, which costs 185 pounds ($263) per bottle. He was determined to prove that kebabs weren’t just appropriate as a late night “drunchies” snack for intoxicated people.



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  1. Absolute Crap! “25-year-old aged Italian vinegar”. What he says is absolute rubish! I have tried his kabaabs, it is a good kabaab just slightly above average, nothing so special about it. He thinks he has found a niche in the market :” to cater for stupid rich customers in beleiving that that they are eating something divine & pay hefty amount of money for something good but absolutely” NOT THAT GOOD”.
    He is right in saying that his food is “EXPANSIVE”ly expensive!!