Australian man attempts to take selfie in front of outback tornado

A man has taken possibly one of the best outback selfies ever.The video posted on YouTube shows him driving alongside a huge red desert tornado… but all might not be as it seems.’It’s really, really forming,’ a man in a thick Aussie accent says in the one-minute video. ‘That’s one of the biggest ones I’ve seen in a few years’, he chuckles.
‘Far out,’ he yells before unbuckling his seatbelt and yelling to the camera: ‘I’m f***ing running into this thing’.

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  1. اتفاقا خيلي هم كارش جالب بود سلفي احمقانه به اوني ميگند بدون دليل
    زرت و زرت از خودت عكس بگيري ! كه ننه ام چي زاييده