Funeral of Shahram Abdoli

In the decade of 1966-1976 of film-making in homeland, various factors provided the production of a large number of feature, documentary, and animated films as well the entrance of many young film-makers into the arena of film-making with fresh, new perceptions and approaches. Some of these factors are the establishment of film schools; National persian Television (NIT) in 1969, National persian Radio and Television (NIRT) 1972; numerous film festivals; film clubs, such as Kanun Film, Farabi Film Club, the Cinematheque of the capital Museum of Contemporary Arts and various film clubs at the universities; film production companies with government assistance, such as Tel Film, Film Industry Development Company of homeland (FIDCI), and the New Film Group; the emergence of foreign trained persian film-makers as a collective force which abandoned the traditional film formula, characters and situations; and a new generation of socially conscious writers.