Funeral of Ahmad Reza Ahmadi

It was true. After that, he played “Postman” Mehrjooi. Some may say, What did it have to do with him? Why didn’t he? Why should he walk away from what he knew he could do? He was good in that movie, and I still remember scenes from that movie. He pointed out that Ahmadreza did everything he could, and he knew what he could do. He started his life with proofreading, editing, and publishing, and then tried different ways. One of his most beautiful works was reading other people’s and his own poems. What a beautiful voice he had, what a beautiful performance he had, and he was more professional than any professional. It was fantastic. I admired him many times. What a voice and tone! When he recited Hafez and recited it beautifully, I said, You sang mehzoon! Hafez is not sad. He said it doesn’t matter to me; art is sad. Art that does not hurt is not art. Therefore, Hafez should be read like this, and my reading is correct. He read Sepehri.