Less-seen images of Masoud Kimiai

Life Masoud Kimiaei was born on August 7, 1320, in Chirag Bargh Street, or Chiraggaz Street, in Siraj Al Molek Street. When he was three years old, Kimiaei’s family moved to a house in Seyed Ebrahim Alley on Ray Street . After that, he lived in Dardar alley, Asef-doleh, Saqabashi, Ain-doleh street , and finally in Bahar street. He has two sisters and one brother.He received his high school diploma from Badr High School. After high school, he gradually entered intellectual circles and founded Torfeh Publishing House with some interested friends. During the same period, he became interested in music and played several instruments, such as the piano and guitar, at a non-professional level. But he was more interested in cinema than anything else.