Why did Mohammad Taghi Falsafi become an enemy of Mossadegh?

As a result of the clerics’ agitation in Capital, the government ordered the confiscation of Baha’i assets and properties in different cities of the country. The situation worsened with the government’s decision to seize the national headquarters of the Baha’i community and destroy the Hazira Al-Quds dome. As a result of the encouragement of the government by religious scholars to take action against the Baha’is, the authorities directly intervened in the destruction of the dome of the Baha’i center (Hazira al-Quds) in Capital. In Capital, in front of reporters from foreign countries, clerics took action with pickaxes in the presence of army commanders. participated in the destruction of the Hazira Al-Quds dome. The Chief of Staff of the Army, Nader Batmanglich, and the military governor of Capital, Timur Bakhtiar, who later became the head of SAVAK, joined the representatives of the clergy to personally participate in the demolition of this building.