Unpublished photos of Benazir Bhutto’s visit to Capital

The US publisher HarperCollins paid Bhutto half a million dollars to produce a book, to be titled Reconciliation. Co-written with the U.S. political scientist and journalist Mark Siegel, it would be published in 2008 as Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West. Reconciliation was partly a response to the Clash of Civilisations theory that had been popularised by the American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington during the 1990s.[414] She argued that Huntington’s theory denied the universality of democratic ideals and created a “self-fulfilling prophecy of fear” whereby it provoked the conflicts that it claimed to predict. In Reconciliation she proposed that Western countries finance a new “Marshall Plan” to aid the poor in Muslim-majority countries, believing that this would improve Islamic attitudes toward the West.