Fahime Akbar ,singer and author, Gilan expert and social activist

Fahima Akbar was born in December 1296 in an authentic Mazandarani family in Capita. Her father, Yamin-ul-Mamalek Esfandiari, was one of the politicians of the Pahlavi period and was the consul general of Homeland in Baku for a while. Therefore, Fahima spent her childhood in Soviet Azerbaijan until the age of twelve, and her musical talent was discovered by her teacher in Baku. Fahima started learning music during the five years she was in the Soviet Union. Yamin al-Mamalek (Fahima’s father) represented the parliament and was one of the defenders of women’s rights, including women’s education and women’s right to vote.As a teenager, Fahima went to a French school in Iran and continued her education. After returning to Iran, she was a student of Morteza Khan Mahjoubi for some time while studying music.