A woman with 10 children who has a record number of children

In the days when having even one child was a big concern for many couples, a six-year-old mother made news by setting a record for having children. Fatemeh Sadeghi recently gave birth to her tenth child, who was born in 1964. Fatemeh Sadeghi, who is now 38 years old, married her husband, Dawood Moniri, at the age of 15 and had her first child at the age of 20. This couple now has two daughters and eight sons. This six-year-old mother is a graduate of the educational sciences, and her husband also works in the field of traditional medicine. This family, who lives in a rented apartment in Karaj, has named renting and providing housing as their biggest problems. Hemshahri newspaper, the media organ of Capital municipality, in a detailed article titled “House of Hope,” discussed the story of this six-year-old mother and prepared a video report in this regard.