Prasto Salehi meeting with artists in Istanbul

The news of Parasto Salehi’s marriage was quickly spread on the internet at the same time as the beginning of the new year in 2019 (2018), with the publication of a photo of the wedding ring on the Instagram page of the actress. All his followers and colleagues were congratulating him in the form of comments and waiting to see who Mr. Damad, or, in other words, the wife of Prasto Salehi is? During this period of time, many rumors were raised about Parasto Salehi’s wife being Navid Heydari, which was strongly and decisively denied by this famous Persian actor. In the following days, Parasto Salehi kept his audience informed about this important event in his life by releasing a series of videos of the preparations for the wedding and engagement ceremony and purchases related to marriage. seriously informed.