The second session of the trial of Amir Tataloo

Tataloo traveled to Dubai in the middle of the 1380s and returned to Homeland after some time. He released his first official album called “Zir Hamkaf” in 2010 without obtaining permission from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Tetlo went to Istanbul in 2017 and held his first concert that same year in Tbilisi, Georgia. Tetlo’s first arrest was in 2012 by the Moral Security Police and then in 2015 on the charge of “confounding the mind”. public and spreading corruption and prostitution” spent more than two months in temporary detention. In February 2018, he was detained for a week in Turkey due to what was called “violation of visa regulations”.  Tetlu was once again in Turkey. He was arrested in Turkey and handed over to Homeland on 14 December 1402. Beside the artistic works, Tetlo’s behavior and political orientation have become the source of many controversies in various periods.