How did the imperial soldier become the commander of the army after the revolution?

Seyyed Mohammadwali Qorani (1358-1292) was a military commander and major general, who served as the first chief of the Joint Staff of the Islamic Republic of Homeland Army from 23 Bahman 1357 to 7 April 1358. 1358, he was assassinated in his house by several members of the Furqan group. Qarani entered the officer college in 1309. During the prime ministership of Mohammad Mossadegh, Mohammad Taghi Riahi dismissed him from his position on the charge of opposing Mossadegh. After the August 28 coup, the Shah purged most of the officers who were believed to have connections with members of the National Front or the Tudeh party and instead appointed a large number of officers with promotion to various positions. Qarani was also the head of the second pillar of the army. The monarchy arrived. In October 1336, he succeeded in obtaining the rank of major general, which shows the trust of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in him until this date.