Rude comments made by some Persian politicians

Recently, Amirhossein Bankipour, a member of the social commission of the parliament and a representative of the people of Isfahan, made strange statements about the “Law of Atatürk’s Hijab Removal in Turkey” and said: Atatürk dealt a big blow to Turkey; now in Turkey, on average, every man has sex with 15 women, and some have up to 50 women. This is the revelation of Atatürk’s hijab. Well, this comment was so harsh that Ali Qalehaki, a fundamentalist media activist, investigated the possible aftershocks of this incident by publishing a tweet and believes that the official publication of these talks will lead to the deterioration of diplomatic relations between Iran and Turkey. Of course, this model of comments is not the first time it has been heard and has a relatively long history. In fact, these issues are analyzed from the speakers’ language in a way that attracts attention and sometimes makes even the extreme spectrums react. In the following, we will go to some similar events. Stay with us.