Seyyed Hassan Khomeini’s presence at Ebrahim Raisi’s house

The news of President Ebrahim Raisi’s death on May 19th, 2024 after a helicopter crash in Iran’s East Azerbaijan province came as a political shock, as it would have in any country where a similar incident had taken place. The first reaction of the authorities, and in particular of the Leader Ali Khameini, was to assure them that there would be no consequences for the running of the country. The first vice-president, Mohamed Mokhber, was appointed as interim president pending new presidential elections at the end of June 2024. It should be noted that he was the director of one of Iran’s largest foundations (bonyads), Setad Edjrâi Farman Imam, i.e. parastatal bodies which own numerous companies, pay no tax and report only to the Leader.