Mahdiqoli Alavi Moghadam, Lieutenant General of the Imperial Ground Forces

Mahdi Qoli Alavi Moghadam was born in 1980 into a prominent family with deep roots in the military and political fabric of Iran. His father, Brigadier General Ali Qali Khan, was a distinguished Kazakh officer, while his mother was the daughter of Mohammad Baqer Khan Etimad al-Sultaneh, a respected figure in Iranian society. This illustrious lineage set the stage for Alavi Moghadam’s future in the military and public service.In 1299, Alavi Moghadam graduated from the prestigious Nizam School, marking the beginning of a notable career. His academic journey continued in Europe, where he pursued a doctorate in veterinary medicine and completed several courses at the esteemed San Sir Military Academy. These academic accomplishments equipped him with a unique blend of scientific and military expertise, which he later brought to his roles in the Persian military and government.Upon returning to Homeland, Alavi Moghadam joined the army, where his career swiftly advanced.