Humpback, Fukuichi Japanese Dining and Crab in da Bag

This week’s New eats is all about freshness. From succulent oysters at Humpback, to a whole pot of seafood at Crab in da Bag, and delicious air-flown ingredients at Fukuichi Japanese Dining, it doesn’t get better than this.If you want the freshest food choices in Singapore, these are definitely worth checking out.The Shigoku Fat Bastard has got a firm flesh, …

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This incredible $4million cinema has a 1,800sq-foot screen

Forget IMAX, this cinema will make you feel like you’re inside the screen – because it uses real weather effects in the auditorium.Brazil’s 24-seater, $4million VIX virtual reality ride, launching next month in the town of Vila Velha, took two years to complete, required 100 tons of steel, 3,000 metres of cabling and a 90-man team to assemble.Its 1,800sq ft …

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This Woman Has Some Amazingly Creative Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Before Beth Beard got her gastric bypass surgery, she knew she wanted some before and after photos to celebrate the change. And she also knew she wanted to do something different. Yahoo shared her images from “The Beth Project,” a photo series she did with her friend and fellow photographer Blake Morrow.”The decision to have such a drastic surgery was …

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