Urwerk unveils the new UR-106 Lotus for women

Snap57Urwerk watches are know for being rare, technically advanced and above all, classy. Until now, there was only one thing that was lacking in the brand — femininity. The new limited edition UR-106 Lotus is the first watch made from the independent brand that is constructed especially for women. Showcasing elegance and grace, it features a slender fit that unveils the more sensitive side of Urwerk’s nature.The Urwerk UR-106 Lotus watch comes with a lot of intricate detailing and innovative features, all a result of the dedicated design and construction of the model along with the courage to put new ideas down on paper.Company chief designer and co-founder Martin Frei explained, “We never made watches for men and watches for women because we never thought in those terms when we put our ideas down on paper, We thus embarked on a stylistic exercise that was unprecedented for us.”

The Urwerk UR-106 Lotus features a new revised version of satellite hours with three satellites, each with four hour numerals that sweep across the minutes scale in an analogue and digital indication of time. Adding to this display is new ‘moonphase’ concept which has taken 18 years to perfect and allows you to see the current phase of the moon as you see it in the sky.

When it comes to the watch’s visuals, attentiveness is paid to each part with painstaking craftsmanship applied to every element of the watch. For instance, the carousel and satellites have been meticulously satin-finished, with each numeral individually painted by hand.