Opening razi high school In 1345



The name Lycee Razi is the official name of the school, and in French as it is known to the French community, and as a recognition of the French community contribution in this school. Le Lycee Razi is listed in French in this page as such for all the French students who attended this school, and for their ease in finding information about their school as it was.


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  1. Dr.Behrouz Eghbal

    The Pahlavi Shahs created a lot of schools and universities to push forward Iran.But what they did not understand(like all iranian rulers and mullahs too)is that for progress freedom of mind,religion and Speeches is needed.That is why all These “expriments”failed.Sheikh Saadi says:three things do not floorish whitout Therese things;capital whithout trade,knowledge whithout discussion and Country whithout diplomacy.
    Ba wojood hame ye inha:javeed baad meehane grameeyam Iran!!