Top 15 High Paying Jobs For Anti-Social People

8. Biochemist or Biophysicist: $82,150/Year
Both of these careers are going to be rather difficult to get into unless you already have a strong interest in this field. Basically, biochemists and biophysicists study the chemical composition and physical principles of living things. It involves a lot of math and several sciences, as well as engineering, technology, and even medicine. That being said, you can expect that the requirements for this career are high. You cannot work in independent research and development without a Ph.D., which is the area of this career that has the least amount of social interaction. The importance of social interaction as a biochemist or a biophysicist is rated at a 25/100. However, do keep in mind that at some point or another, you will likely have to do some sort of public speaking. Although for $82,150 a year, it might not be so hard to push through a speech or two in front of an audience.