George Batwash who was an Air France host

A spy read He wrote in this article: At the beginning of January 1381, that is, 7 years ago, Shahrukh Sultan Ahmadi, the niece of Kazem Akhwan, a reporter of the Islamic Republic News Agency, who was captured on July 14, 1361, along with Ahmed Metouslian, Taqi Rastgar, and Seyed Mohsen Mousavi, in Lebanon, by mercenary Falangist forces of the occupying Quds regime, said that Seyed Raed Mousavi, the son of Seyed Mohsen, gave the phone number of a French person who claims to have new information about four Persian hostages. According to him, the name of this person is Reza Batawash (and his French name is Gerard Jean Fabin Batawash), whom he met with on the second floor of a tire store near Sepah Square (Eshart Abad) that evening.