George Batwash who was an Air France host

Kashani had admitted In exchange for Bataush’s mediation and the release of Haj Ahmad, a house was signed in his name in advance, and even one of the high-ranking officials of the police promised that he was ready to solve the problem of his Iranian passport and birth certificate. But after Dawoodabadi’s speech, Kashani said, I myself doubted him. That’s why I told the counter-espionage guys at the Ministry of Information to work on it. and that a few days later, By chance, I got hold of the memoirs of one of the people who was around the Imam during the first days of the victory of the revolution and later became a refugee abroad. Apart from the countless bits of nonsense in the book, I found a part of it very interesting. In part of his claims, he said that a spy from France to Capital was with Imam on the plane. According to him, this spy, who was a direct agent of the American spy organization “CIA”, worked as a reporter and always showed himself around the Imam.