Ahmad Mogharebi who was a Soviet spy

He soon became the top source of Soviet intelligence in Homeland, and what he may have started out of idealism has now become a way to supplement his income. assumptions The KGB in Homeland was housed in the Soviet embassy complex. In the 1970s, more than 8,000 “Soviet experts” were working on a wide variety of projects, and it took a corresponding number of KGB agents to monitor the “experts” for their loyalty to the line. One target of Soviet KGB operations was the wiretapping facilities operated by the United States on Homeland’s border with the Soviet Union. But Homeland was also otherwise a pleasant field of activity for KGB agents. Vladimir Anatolyevich Kusichkin describes everyday KGB life in capital as “an atmosphere of perpetual vacation”. Life in capital was comfortable. Maxim Gorky’s grandson was also among the diplomats in capital.