Roxana daughter of Abolhassan Saba

. For a while, there was the studio of Qasim Hajizadeh, one of Kamran Diba’s friends. After vacating the office, Diba gave her personal room as a studio to Hossein Zinda Roudi, who was living in Paris at the time and used to visit there a lot when she came to Iran. Diba was actually one of Rudi’s supporters.” “Anthony John Major”, an English architect whose wife was an Persian-Armenian ophthalmologist; “Vidpargash Gupta”, an Indian architect; and three fellow students (from the school of fine arts) named Hamid Noorkihani, Hasan Pourmaboudian, and Feridoon Moalemi are also partially They used to work there. Hasan Pourmaboudian, who was a tall young man with a very good-looking and good manner, unfortunately died later in a car accident. Feridon Maalemi also left after a while. Only the faithful friend of Engineer Diba, that is, the light engineer, may God protect him, is still in contact with Engineer Diba, through whom I always inquire about Engineer Diba’s condition.”