A mullah who went to Guyana to preach was killed

Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi (born on December 22, 1346, died on May 15, 1383), the son of Hussein, Friday imam and director (Imam Baqir, peace be upon him) of the College of Islamic Studies in Guyana, was kidnapped two years after living in Guyana on April 14, 1383, by unknown persons and 35 He was killed the next day. In 1380, he was commissioned by Jamiat Al-Mustafa to go to Guyana for preaching. biography, diary He was born on January 22, 1346, in a Bushehri family in Najaf , and his parents were originally from Dashti and Tungistan. His father and his family had migrated to Najaf Ashraf and later to Karbala to study the seminary sciences.