The first prime minister to recognize Israel

Mohammad Saed Maraghei, the son of Sheikh Ahmad Ghazizadeh, was born in Tbilisi in 1259. He spent his childhood in the Caucasus with his father. Complete primary and secondary education in Maragheh and Caucasus. He continued his studies in St. Petersburg and then went to Switzerland and studied at the University of Lausanne. In addition to Farsi, he was well versed in Turkish, Arabic, Russian, German and French languages.Muzafar Beqai’s narration: He says that Saed al-Mulk, assigned to Homeland’s ambassadorship in Tiflis during the Naseri era (circa 1865), took his cook Samad Agha with him, and Muhammad, the son of this Samad Agha, also accompanied him and studied in Tiflis.