Hossein Gol-e-Golab, the poet of the famous song about the homeland

Hossein Golgolab (1363–1276) was a botanist, writer, poet, translator, university professor, musician, and photographer. He was fluent in French, English, Russian, Arabic, and Latin languages and was one of the experts of the Persian Academy of Sciences in the field of finding equivalents for scientific words. The famous poems “O Iran” and “Azerabadgan” are among his works. Since his father Musarul-Mulk was friends with the musicians of his time, he introduced his son to music, and in this way Golglub learned to play the strings and three strings from Agha Hossein Qoli and Darwish Khan, and after the establishment of the Waziri Music School, he became one of the first students there. With the cooperation of Kazem Vaziri and Alinqi Vaziri, he worked on music and later taught there as well.