Unpublished photos from Shahram Jazayeri’s first trial in February 2008

Shahram Jazayeri Arab (born on November 20, 1351) is a businessman and economic activist who was arrested in 1381 at the age of 29 during the biggest and most controversial economic case in Homeland after the 1357 revolution until that time. 7 Finally, Shahram Jazayeri was sentenced to 11 years in prison after being completely acquitted of the charge of disrupting the economic system by the special branches of the Supreme Court. He was sentenced to a total of 5 years in prison on economic charges and a total of 6 years in prison on ordinary charges related to crossing the water and a military card. In 1397, he was imprisoned again and sentenced to another 7 years. biography, diary  During his childhood, he first lived in Ahvaz and then moved to Tankabon in 1360. Until 1370, he worked as a peddler and in an ice cream shop along with his studies.