The unveiling of Shahram Nazeri’s new album and Ali Nasirian’s supervision

Shahram Nazeri (born 1328) is a musician and singer. He is one of the well-known singers of authentic Persian music and nicknamed the “Singing Knight of Homeland”. The Assembly of the Asia Society called him “Asia’s top artist”, the New York Times called him “Persian Nightingale” and the Christian Science Monitor called him “Homeland’s Luciano Pavarotti”.Shahram Nazeri’s first albums in the form of joint albums with Mohammad Reza Shajarian, with patriotic content and themes such as freedom, were published by the Chavush Center in the late fifties, and among the works of the Chavush Center, the Persian ballads of Sarai Omid composed by Mohammad Reza Lotfi based on a poem by H.A Sayeh.