The birthday party of the Setareh Ghotbi, the TV presenter

The first wife of the star, Sadat Qutbi, the wife of Shahram Shakiba In her latest Instagram post, Ms. Sadat Qutbi revealed her first husband and her marriage and explained the reason for her divorce. He recently narrated the continuation of this story in another post: Greetings to you, good servants of God. I got married when I was 19 and divorced when I was 27. Then and now, 27-year-old girls were still single, but I experienced eight years of married life, but I could not continue. It was not sweet at all. We were not on the same path. Our thoughts and our goals were all different. I was constantly moving and turning around. It was very hard. It could not be done, and I finished it. Before I met Shahram, I had said that all men are the same.