The birthday party of the Setareh Ghotbi, the TV presenter

Only their looks are different. But my marriage to Shahram proved to me that I was wrong. When a man is by your side and understands you, when you can be patient, when you understand that if you fail, the kind man in your life will not leave you alone, even if everyone leaves you, the world is beautiful for you because you have someone who is worthy of all people and the world. ! The photo of the first wife of the star Sadat Qutbi is not available on the internet, and while maintaining the privacy of this presenter, it is not published either. Biography of the star Sadat Qutbi, Shahram Shakiba’s wife + photos, new 1402- Gohar Star Sadat Qutbi, wife of Shahram Shakiba In 2014, he married Shahram Shakiba, a presenter, writer, and professor of literature, and has a son named Sadra. From his first marriage, he has a son named Amir Ali, who expresses his longing for his son on his page.