Unpublished photos of the funeral of Ahmad Khomeini

There are several similar directives from the head of the General Directorate of SAVAK, the 3rd Department, the 9th Department, and SAVAK of Qom regarding the case of Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini. When the Central Savak learned about Ahmad’s trip, an urgent telegram arrived from the Hamedan Savak as follows: “Yesterday, Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini, the son of Ruhollah Khomeini, arrived from Iraq and settled in the house of Shahabuddin Eshraghi.”  Under the same phonegram, the General Savak in the center writes: “Mr. Saberi, write to the Qom Savak.” This person returned to Qom from Iraq last week, and after arriving in Qom, he went to Hamedan to meet Ishraqi.