Unpublished photos of the funeral of Ahmad Khomeini

Presence in Iraq Ahmad Khomeini spent most of his father’s exile in Qom and Lebanon. He sometimes went to Iraq to visit his parents. His passport and travel permit were issued through the mediation of Amir Abbas Hoyda.  At the beginning of Ruhollah Khomeini’s exile, he illegally left the border to visit Iraq and visit his father, which aroused SAVAK’s sensitivity. In one of Savak’s letters regarding his presence in Iraq in 1344 and meeting his father, the following is stated: “19/8/44: Top secret To: Directorate of Police of the whole country (Information Department) Ahmad Mostafavi Khomeini, son of Ruhollah Please order that if the above-mentioned person requests the issuance or renewal of a passport or exit permit, they should notify this organization before taking any action. From the head of the country’s intelligence and security organization. Lieutenant General Nasiri.”