The latest photos of Azita Arbab

I used to take a step forward with old and aging stars, I spent hours on them, I brought them back to the same beauty as they were years ago, and I saw indescribable joy and excitement on their faces, which was the greatest reward for me. • I would like to ask if there is a certain age for make-up in Iran, and in general, what is the role of make-up in the current situation and with hijab? He says: Make-up is mostly for weddings, but many modern, young and middle-aged women are also looking for modern, professional make-up and beauty for attending parties. Remember that in Homeland, women only have the possibility to make up their face and they have to show all their beauty and attractiveness on their own face, many of them have burnt their beautiful hair due to various hats and scarves and the use of not very healthy colors.