Once upon a time when artists voted

Hale’s first artistic activity was acting in the advertising films of the Chaplin Film Institute, which were produced by the Minassian brothers (Harand and Suleiman Minassian). His first appearance was in the commercial film Kannada Dry, but he gained his fame by acting in the commercial of silk handkerchiefs. In most of these commercials, Hale sings and lips in a beautiful voice. Hale started his career in cinema by acting in the film Papoosh in 1352 directed by Ismail Poursaid. After that, he appeared as the lead actor in 20 other films, but finally, after the death of his father and at the request of his family, he said goodbye to cinema forever in 1356. A duet song with Mustafa Javidan called “Chini Bandzen” has also been released from Hale.