Government artists at the Raisi memorial ceremony

On June 7, 1403, the Vahdat Hall in Tehran hosted a significant commemorative ceremony, honoring the memory of Shahid Raisi, a revered figure in politics. This event brought together prominent figures from culture, art, and media, all of whom shared heartfelt memories and reflections on Raisi‚Äôs life, leadership, and legacy.The ceremony began with Seyyed Ali Mousavi Garmaroudi reciting poignant verses of poetry, setting a reflective tone for the gathering. Following this, Javad Azar, a notable poet, delivered a moving speech. Azar recounted a personal memory from Ramadan, sharing how he last saw Raisi during a televised “Chahargah” program, emphasizing the fleeting nature of life and the inevitability of death. He concluded with a prayer for eternal happiness and divine mercy for Raisi.