Giti’s singing at a wedding ceremony

Giti Pashaei Tehrani (23 Khordad 1319 – 17 May 1374) stands as a revered figure in music and cinema. Her journey from a traditional musical upbringing to becoming a celebrated singer and composer, particularly in the post-revolutionary period, is a testament to her versatility and resilience. This article delves into the life, career, and enduring legacy of Giti Pashaei Tehrani, whose contributions to Persian music and film continue to resonate.Giti Pashaei Tehrani was introduced to music at a young age. Her grandfather, Jafar Mansouri, was not only a poet but also a master of traditional Persian string instruments. Under his guidance, Giti’s mother learned to play these instruments, passing on this rich musical heritage to Giti. This familial environment fostered her early passion for music, setting the stage for her future career.Giti’s formal musical education was extensive. She studied traditional Persian music under notable masters such as Faramarz Payvar, Mehdi Forough, and Mahmoud Karimi. These experiences honed her skills and deepened her appreciation for Iran’s rich musical traditions.