Inside Donald Trump’s $100 million penthouse

Republican presidential candidate and billionaire businessman Donald Trump hopes to move into the White House, but his New York City penthouse may be difficult to kiss goodbye.Trump Tower sits on Fifth Avenue and is home to The Donald’s business as well as his three-level, 66th floor penthouse. It boasts breathtaking views of Central Park and over-the-top decor – starting with …

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The smallest country in the world

Molossia, also known as the self-proclaimed Republic of Molossia, is a micronation, founded by Kevin Baugh and headquartered solely from his home near Dayton, Nevada. The Republic of Molossia has claimed itself a nation but it is not officially recognized as a country by the United Nations or any country.It consists of Baugh’s house (known as the Government House), about …

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Women who are defense minister

1. Roberta Pinotti – Italy She was born 1961 in Genoa, Pinotti holds a degree in modern literature and is a teacher of Italian in high schools. She began her political career at the end of the 1980s as a district counselor of Italian Communist Party. She later joined the Democratic Party of the Left, the Democratici di Sinistra party …

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