This incredible $4million cinema has a 1,800sq-foot screen

Forget IMAX, this cinema will make you feel like you’re inside the screen – because it uses real weather effects in the auditorium.Brazil’s 24-seater, $4million VIX virtual reality ride, launching next month in the town of Vila Velha, took two years to complete, required 100 tons of steel, 3,000 metres of cabling and a 90-man team to assemble.Its 1,800sq ft compound curved screen, one of the biggest in the world, has a combination of six million pixels.The impressive specifications also include a 3D audio system and synchronized movements with six axis motion of freedom. In addition, mist machines, fans and heaters will be activated to enhance the viewing.
The maker, Sensorama, claims all this will provide guests with a vivid out-of-this-world experience – the first of its kind in Latin America.Snap62 Snap63 Snap65 Snap66 Snap67 Snap68 Snap69