Old fastfood and restaurants in the capital


3.Raftari Chelo-kabab – (Opened in 1290)

One of the most famous restaurants specializing in chelo-kebab is called Raftari which dates back almost a century. In 1911, Haj AliAkbar Raftari opened a namesake eatery at the Ghavamoddoleh market in Shapour Square, a major square of the time. It measures 150 square meters, had 16 personals and was run by the late Ali Akbar Raftari. Businessmen and neighborhood accounted for the majority of patrons.” Initially I worked in the outlet at the market. Back then there was no gas cylinder. We used to use charcoal to light a fire and cook meat. To stew rice we would use straw.We would show up for work at 6 in the morning and leave for home at around 8 in the evening. He would give every married worker two meals.