Most Expensive Antiques Ever Sold


1. Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase: $81 Million

This lovely Qing Dynasty vase is the perfect example of how a random attic discovery can make you filthy rich. Dating back to around 1740, the vase was discovered in Pinner, and it is still uncertain how it got from China all the way to Great Britain. At the time of discovery, it was believed to be a good replica, and was evaluated at $1,000. During a re-evaluation, it was proven authentic, and its value was estimated at $1 million. However, the bidding during the auction in 2010 went crazy, and the superb vase fetched a whopping $81 million, setting a new record for Chinese artifacts. Decorated with gold banding, sky-blue, and pastel-yellow colors, with fish and flowers motifs, it is a classic beauty, and the most expensive antique aver auctioned and sold.