Actors and actress who Long time are not working


12. Ramin Parchami

He was born 1973 is an Theater,cinema and television .He holds a Master’s degree in Drama Directing and Acting from the Islamic Azad University.He made his acting debut in 1995 and his appearance on television was in the series ‘Under Your Protection’ and his first movie was ‘Banquet’.Some of the movies in which he has played roles include ‘Objection’ (1999), ‘Grey’ (2000), ‘Mom’s Guest’ (2003) and ‘Outcasts 2’ (2008).Among the series which he has performed in are ‘Return of the Swallows’ (1996-1997), ‘After the Rain’ (2000), ‘Neighbors’ (2000), ‘Under the City’s Sky 3’ (2002) and ‘The Lost Love’ (2004).