Sequences of pre-revolutionary movies


The movie that really boosted the economy of homeland cinema and initiated a new genre was Ganj-e-Qarun, made in 1965 by Siamak Yasami. Yasami had worked with Kooshan prior to establishing his own company; Porya Film, in 1960. A huge financial success, Ganj-e-Qarun grossed over seventy million Rials. The theme of the film concerns the worthless and desperate life of the upper middle class in contrast with the poor and happy working class, which is ‘rich’ in morals. Qeysar Four years later Masud Kimiaie made Qeysar, an award winning film at the 1969 homeland Film Festival. With Qeysar, Kimiaie depicted the ethics and morals of the romanticised poor working class of the Ganj-e-Qarun genre through his main protagonist, the titular Qeysar.