The beauties of Amin Al-Sultan mansion according to the image

Mīrzā īAlī-Aṣgār Khan Amīn-al-solṭān, the second son of Āqā Moḥammad-Ebrāhīm Amīn-al-solṭān and known as Āqā īAlī-Aṣḡar before his rise to power, was born in Tehran on 20 Jomādā 1274/6 January 1858. He began his elementary studies at the age of six and at the age of fifteen joined his father’s staff, who had just received the title Amīn-al-solṭān. The next year (1287/1871), father and son were among Nāṣer-al-dīn Shah’s retinue in his pilgrimage to the āatabāt.