Zia ol Din Tabatabaee who was the last prime minister in the Qajar era

That day, he walked into the king’s office, a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, and continued to walk around as he talked. Ahmad Shah was incensed and practically threw Seyyed Zia out of the office; hours later he arranged for his dismissal.After consulting Ahmad Shah, Reza Khan asked Seyyed Zia on May 23, 1921 to resign and leave the country. Reza Khan offered him any sum he deemed necessary from the treasury. Seyyed took twenty-five thousand toman to cover his travel expenses—by no measure a large sum—and left the country. All political prisoners were released on May 24. Although the reign of Seyyed Zia lasted only 93 days, this short period marked the beginning of an important period in the contemporary history of Iran, the rise of the Pahlavi dynasty.