Ahmad Kasravi who killed by Fada’iyan-e Islam

His main target in that field was the famous E. G. Browne, appreciated by persian intellectuals of all tendencies, whom he accused to have favoured Sufi poetry in his history of Persian literature, and thus trying to characterize the persian spirit with the errors he thinks belong to Sufis (immorality, irrationality, …), further promoting idleness and passivity in order to keep Iran subjugated to foreign imperialists. His criticism of Hafez Shirazi followed the same path, considering him “a source of disgrace”, saying that his “immorality” was due to the fact that the Mongols were the new rulers in the region, not respectful of Islamic law, thus letting some Sufis (like Hafez) “free to indulge in drinking wine, whereas previously they had to be cautious not to offend the Islamic sentiments of the rulers and the religious authorities.”