Founding member of organization of persian People’s Fedai Guerrillas

The Soviet Unions policies in homeland in the past twenty years and the few years of bad relationship between the Soviet Union and the Tudeh party were known to the members of the group.” It was because of this that Jazani came to the conclusion when seeing the relationship of the Soviet Union and Tudeh and Eastern Europe at the end of the decade of 1950 that: “… if the left movement wins the struggle in homeland, it must be aware of the Soviet Union’s wanting of power. Failing to do so will lead to homeland becoming another satellite of the Soviets.” Jazani said that if the power of the leftist movement falls in the hands of the Soviets, before anything else it will get rid of us. He believed that geographically Iran is too close to the Soviet Union to ignorantly come close to it without understanding the harms involved.