Founding member of organization of persian People’s Fedai Guerrillas

They began with the idea that the foreign policy of a country is a result of the social values of its regime. This policy reflects the benefits of the leadership level (consisting of a class system) and reflects the ideology of the ruling class. Therefore, a socialist government must be loyal to the goals of Marxist-Leninist and international pluralism. In this setting, they came up to the following conclusion in regard to the relationship of the Soviet Union and homeland: “In our opinion the policies of the Soviet Union and other socialist countries in Iran opposes the growth and revolutionary struggle Asian countries against Imperialism and is in conflict with the chief idea of international pluralism and socialist diplomacy.”It was in this vision that Jazani explained in the relationship of the group and the Soviet Union: “The group had many reasons to not be happy with the idea of Soviet Union being the leader of the world revolutionary movements.