Atila Pesyani in the picture frame

He created lasting works during his half-century of artistic activity and has left a mark in the fields of acting and directing. “Angelica’s Ship”, “Two Movies with One Ticket”, “Passengers”, “Green Ashes”, “Hiva”, “Vakhoni”, “Water and Fire”, “Last Supper”, “Child of the Morning”, “Silence Reward” , “Cease fire”, “Singles”, “Coma”, “A simple romance”, “Wooden bridge”, “Private life”, “Nazanin”, “It happened at midnight”, “Nagar”, “We need a simple worker” , “Old Road”, “Redhead”, and “Black Baz” are just a few of his movies, which are in collaboration with many famous filmmakers of Persian cinema, including Bahram Baizaei, Ebrahim Hatamikia, Rasul Malaqlipour, Mohammad Bozharnia, Fereydoun. Jeerani, Kamal Tabrizi, and Mani Haghigi are made.